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The best Valentine's Day destinations in 2022

No matter if you are in a relationship or not, these destinations are perfect for you!



1. Paris


Let's start with a classic! Paris is THE city of love, there is no doubt. Paris is such a romantic city to visit with your significant other and is actually one of the cities where the most engagements take part. But Paris also has the charm to visit "just" with your friends. I have been to Paris twice, both times without a partner and I loved it. I was not sure if the city of love would be the right place to go to as a single, but strolling around the magnificent streets, seeing the beautiful houses and sightseeing spots, definitely made up for being single.

When going to Paris you should not only visit the most popular sightseeing spots like the Eiffeltower or Louvre, but also take your time to check out the area of the Marais (SoMa), a fashionable district with many hip boutiques, galleries, and gay bars.

Or what about a nice picnic in one of the beautiful parks, if the weather is good enough? 

If you want to visit Paris in a group check out Melkons guided trip to Paris or join Lisa on her coworking experience in Paris. It won't feel like you're working if you do it from a beautiful city like that and visiting the city after work will give you the motivation to get finished quickly with your work.

Travel with Lisa to Paristravel with Melkon


2. Madeira

Madeira island

In my opinion, islands have always a special, romantic atmosphere. Madeira is one of the most stunning islands with perfect weather all year round with lots of different hiking spots and stunning sunsets to catch.

If you have a partner  I suggest renting a car and going on a road trip together, spending some time just with the two of you, and getting to know each other even more. It will feel like you're the only two on the island, especially at this time of the year, in the low season.

When traveling to Madeira I suggest doing a boat cruise and joining a dolphin and whale watching tour or going on an adventurous jeep safari.

Are you single and tired of Valentine's Day? Check out this fun girls' trip in Madeira organized by our TripLeaders Kiki and Figo. They are both known for organizing the most fun group trips in Madeira. You will live together in a big house and explore the island by car. This trip is also perfect for people who work remotely.

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Join this fun girls' trip - Kiki will show you Madeira!


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3. The Caribbean 

beautiful caribbean island

White sandy beaches and crystal clear water... the Caribbean just has to be part of the best destinations for valentines day! While the Caribbean might be more on the pricier side, it's definitely worth every euro spent and will be a great treat for you and your partner.

The list of beautiful islands in the Caribbean is long and the decision which one you should visit is not an easy one. Some of the most popular islands are the Bahamas, Turks and Caicos Islands as well as the Dominican Republic. If you are looking for Islands that are less famous check out the french island of Guadeloupe or Dominica. Especially in Dominica, I had a very authentic experience and I did not even see other tourists while I was there.

TripLeader Dagmar is planning a Caribbean holiday trip especially for all the lovebirds out there! Her trip is taking part in March and would be a great valentine present for your significant other. This trip is LGBTQ-friendly and all about confessing or renewing your love promises.

But don't worry, if you're single and prefer a group trip, we have some more trips to the Caribbean for you here.





Love is in the air with Dagmars trip to the Dominican Republic!


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4. Norway

Northern lights

There is nothing more romantic than seeing the northern lights together with your partner! If you enjoy being in nature you will fall in love with Norway for sure!

When traveling to Norway make sure to pack the right clothes as it gets very cold in winter. Explore the capital Oslo and take a train to Bergen or explore even more and fly to the famous Lofoten Islands, one of the best places to see the northern lights.

The northern lights can be seen from quite a few different countries and if you want to know where and when to see them, check out this guide about the best places to see the northern lights.

Don't forget to have a look at some other trips that include seeing the northern lights as well here. TripLeader Madhuwant is planning his 5-day Norway adventure right after valentines day and it will be a lot of fun for sure!

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Fall in love with Norway and join TripLeader Madhuwant!


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5. Nepal

Mountains of Nepal

What about trying out something totally new and adventurous on your valentines day? Travel to Nepal and be amazed by the culture, food, beautiful cities, and stunning landscapes!

We already prepared the perfect Nepal guide for you that will help you decide what places to visit within the country, like Kathmandu, Pokhara, Lumbini, and many more, depending on how much time you have.

If you are looking for a special activity to do in Nepal, I suggest going on a helicopter flight to have an amazing view of the mountains or even having a stop at the Everest Base Camp.

TripLeader Rabindra is planning the perfect Nepal trip, he is a local and can teach you a lot about Nepalese culture too. You can join this trip as a couple or just by yourself and he has something special planned for Valentine´s Day as well. On the 14th of February, you will stay at a 5-star resort in the middle of the forest overlooking the Kathmandu Valley! It will be a trip that you will never forget.

Would you like to learn more about Nepalese food? Keep reading here!





Join this Valentine´s adventure to Nepal with Rabindra!

Travel to Nepal

travel to Nepal

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