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Top 5 things you should definitely take with you on your group trip

Who needs a packing list?


Okay okay, you probably already know what you pack when you travel. If you're reading this, you're probably outgoing globetrotters and already experienced travelers. There is the basic equipment with all the trimmings that everyone has - and then everyone has so his little extras that they bring. But who thinks about the group?  

We do! That's why we've picked out a few things you shouldn't forget on your next group trip. They will not only make your life easier, but also ensure a good mood and fun evenings. 

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TripLeader Stories - CoWorking trip to Ericeira with TripLeader Lisa

A little information on planning a trip from the secrets of a TripLeader 


Hello dear future TripLeaders and all who want to become one! Today I write about a few personal experiences and tips and tricks on how to plan your first trip. What are the go-tos, what to consider and how to best organize a group trip! Come join me while I take you through my personal travel planning and execution of a group trip. Hope you will find some inspiration from it :)

If you need help with the soft skills of creating your trip, feel free to check here, if you wanted to learn more about the trip creation process I recommend this article
Don't know how to promote your trip? We have more information on that as well.

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The Ultimate Group Travel Destinations in Germany

Why go far when the good is so close? 


Germany is not just Germany - it depends on the perspective. The best example of this for me was Hamburg, but more on that later. The country has more to offer than Oktoberfest - yes Oktoberfest is a highlight in itself, no question - but have you ever let the sun shine on your face at the North Sea? Go island hopping at the Baltic Sea? Tasted wine in the city of Weingarten? Or have you ever felt like a princess or prince at Neuschwanstein Castle? Get inspired and plan your next group trip with JoinMyTrip to the best spots in Germany! 

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Benefits of CoWorking Trips with JoinMyTrip

Why plan a CoWorking trip with JoinMyTrip? 

Sitting in your desk at home while the raindrops run down the window pane. It's wet and cold outside and the outlook for the coming days is as bleak as it is uneventful. You work online and would love to just pack your office into your backpack and take it with you to the sunny south. But no one from your friends circle has time and going alone is not the same. Do you know this feeling? We had the same problem and found a solution right away: CoWorking with JoinMyTrip! 

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A guide to JoinMyTrip's payment and payout method

What is JoinMyTrip's TripLeader payment method and how does it work? 


The best part about JoinMyTrip's process for a TripLeader is to be paid without any frustration and confusion. So, in order to get paid for the expenses involved in leading a trip, one must have to set up a payout method. Imagine! You don’t have to have that awkward interaction with your TripMates to make sure your payments are sorted. The anticipation leading to a trip is the only vibe we need! Packing your bags and catching your flight on time is the only worry you should have!

JoinMyTrip payment method continues to form the core part of the platform. Without this, there is not going to be any trust, flexibility and financial security between our TripLeaders and TripMates

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What actually is CoLearning

Some things are easier to learn while traveling...

We all know someone who left for Australia and returned as an absolute surf pro. How do you do that? How do you learn new things while you're on vacation? The CoLearning Trips on JoinMyTrip make it easy....

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