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An Offbeat Group Travel Guide to North India

Travel to North India like a pro.....


Discovering North India is exactly like discovering treasure. Each state has it's own unique palaces, forts, gardens and other architectural wonders. It doesn't stop there! North India has a vibrant history, strong culture and traditions and tantalising cuisines that truly makes one enjoy wealth of experiences. Here are top things to do in North India that should definitely be a part of next vacation: 

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5 Sustainable travel tips for your next group trip

For the eco-conscious traveler 

You don’t drive, you don’t fly, you don’t buy any item wrapped in plastic, you only buy second hand clothing, you only use solar energy, you live a zero waste lifestyle and you are a vegan. This is the definition of 21st century environmentalism. A lot of us don’t exactly live this lifestyle but genuinely do care about the environment.  It is really difficult to fully deep dive into this lifestyle. However, what is really important is that we take baby steps to begin living sustainably and inspire everyone around us to do so. Everyone should be a part of the solution in whichever way they can to make a difference and save the planet.  Each one of us aims to do good and give back to mother earth the best way we can.  This will be the greatest gift we give our future generations.  

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Best accommodation style for a CoWorking Trip

Enjoy work, life and leisure balance

Covid-19 has led to an increase in remote jobs that let people free themselves from the restraints of a normal 9-5 job. Now that the world has returned back to a new normal, the concept of remote work and being a digital nomad has helped tremendously with achieving work/life balance. CoLiving and CoWorking is the concept that has been recently gating a lot of traction. This is a concept that millennials and remote workers have adopted for experiencing ultimate freedom and flexibility.  

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Safe destinations for a solo traveler

As a solo traveler, experience an independent getaway and explore the unexplored. 


Let’s just face it! Traveling solo is no more a thing of the past. This is 2021, where women today are creating impact right from the boardrooms, to the olympics and to the House of Representatives. As a solo traveller, you would like to have an independent getaway and explore the unexplored. Or maybe, you have watched Eat, Pray, Love and want to discover things about yourself just as much as wanting to discover about the world. So, whatever the reason, choosing the right getaway or the perfect adventure can make a big difference. The last thing we would want is to worry about our safety or having to compromise on the location.  So here is a guide to a list of safe destinations that are perfect for a solo traveler. But, before we move forward with our top destinations, here are  tips for a first solo traveler to ensure a safe solo-saving sojourn.

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Traveling on a budget in fall

Cool weather and hot pumpkin drinks... It's that time of the year again! 


September is the month where summer slowly fades away and the beautiful fall starts transitioning. This fall is special because unlike last year, this fall we can truly get out and travel places. Here are the top recommendations for budget friendly places to visit in October. So, here is a guide to budget friendly destinations that you can visit in fall.

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Covid alternatives for the most popular destinations.

7 Covid Alternatives for The Most Popular Destinations

Find the top alternatives for the most popular destinations! 

As you found out, some of the most popular destinations have been closed off to travelers, so where will you decide to travel to now? Travel to the covid alternatives for the most popular travel destinations! As long as you obey the safety regulations in place, you can still spend your holiday enjoying traveling to these countries that are currently open to travelers. Here you will find the top 7 covid alternatives to travelers' most beloved destinations.

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Travel destinations based on your favorite emoji.

Travel Destinations Based on Your Favorite Emoji

Travel to the destination based on your favorite emoji! ✈️

Emojis are a fun way for us to express and communicate ourselves in the digital world, and we know you probably have your favorite emoji that is most used. Your favorite emoji might even be able to tell you which travel destination suits you best! This is why we have created this fun blog to help you decide on your next travel destination. So, find your favorite emoji in this list and start traveling! 

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