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Safe destinations for a solo traveler

As a solo traveler, experience an independent getaway and explore the unexplored. 


Let’s just face it! Traveling solo is no more a thing of the past. This is 2021, where women today are creating impact right from the boardrooms, to the olympics and to the House of Representatives. As a solo traveller, you would like to have an independent getaway and explore the unexplored. Or maybe, you have watched Eat, Pray, Love and want to discover things about yourself just as much as wanting to discover about the world. So, whatever the reason, choosing the right getaway or the perfect adventure can make a big difference. The last thing we would want is to worry about our safety or having to compromise on the location.  So here is a guide to a list of safe destinations that are perfect for a solo traveler. But, before we move forward with our top destinations, here are  tips for a first solo traveler to ensure a safe solo-saving sojourn.

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How to Land a Remote Job

Ever wondered how those people on Instagram and youtube can seamlessly travel around the globe at any time of the year, what do they do? How do they do it? Well, the answer is simple: landing a remote job, what is a remote job you might ask? It is essentially is a flexible working arrangement that lets an employee work from any location outside of the company’s headquarters which of course has a lot of benefits, you can spend less time on commuting to work automatically making it a more affordable option, and most importantly, you can do it in the comfort of your own home or while traveling across the country in a van! , 

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Traveling on a budget in fall

Cool weather and hot pumpkin drinks... It's that time of the year again! 


September is the month where summer slowly fades away and the beautiful fall starts transitioning. This fall is special because unlike last year, this fall we can truly get out and travel places. Here are the top recommendations for budget friendly places to visit in October. So, here is a guide to budget friendly destinations that you can visit in fall.

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The best CoWorking Trips for fall 2021

Are you getting comfy or planning your next escape?

Winter is coming and I bet you're already thinking about what to do for the season ahead. If your mind is in doubt between: turning the heater on, getting a hot cocoa or packing your bags and go for a coworking adventure instead, I'm sure after reading you will get inspired to travel. We’ll get you all the trips and tricks about what places to visit and also encourage you to start your own adventure as a Trip Leader.

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Why India is a perfect destination for a CoWorking Trip

Incredible India

India might not be everyone’s first option when it comes to deciding on a destination for a CoWorking trip. Here is why I think India is one of the best destinations!  In one country you can experience a desert, backwaters, thick forests, snow-clad mountains, picturesque beaches and bustling cities. You get a myriad of experiences along with a culture that is so rich, history and tradition rooted so deep and for centuries India has been visited by many. This is because guests are treated like Gods (Atithi Devo Bhava). I can truly vouch for the fact that nowhere else in the world you will be welcomed and greeted with open arms as much as you would be in India. 

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How CoWorking improves your life quality.

How CoWorking improves your life quality

This is why (remote) CoWorking can be good for you...


Working from home or at a coffee shop has its own set of problems and frustrations. Do you have the motivation to stick to a daily schedule? Are you able to operate well with little or no accountability? This is why, in recent years, coworking spaces have become a realistic alternative.

You know how vicious the rat race can be if you reside in a big metro like Hamburg! We are always on the go, devoting the majority of our waking hours to work or traveling for employment. In the end, it is ‘life' that suffers.

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