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10 Best Stand Up Paddleboarding Destinations in Europe

SUP? Check out the best destinations for standup paddleboarding in Europe this summer

Summer is approaching and so are days spent on the water. Standup paddleboarding makes for one of the coolest summer activities, a perfect sport for getting active while relaxing out in the sun at the same time. Europe has some of the best destinations this summer to SUP it up. So, wherever your summer travels are taking you, you can be sure that an amazing SUP spot is not far away.

10. Lake Bled, Slovenia

You’ve surely seen pictures of this picturesque Slovenian lake with a small island in the middle. SUP:ing around the lake is a great alternative way to get a unique experience of your time on Lake Bled. There is also a boat that goes to the Bled Island, but it is often crowded… by getting on your SUP you’ll avoid the crowds and get some amazing views. Are you a SUP expert? Create a trip with JoinMyTrip to lead a great adventures with like-minded TravelMates!

The beautiful Lake Bled is one of the best destinations in Europe for SUP
Get a unique perspective of Lake Bled on a SUP

9. Jurassic Coast, England

We’re not quite sure if this can be considered as one of the best SUP destinations in Europe, since Brexit happened, but this destination is well worth a mention. The white-cliff coasts, many caves and clear waters make the Jurassic Coast a perfect destination for getting out on the waters. Plus, renting equipment is possible from many points on the coastline, such as in the town of Weymouth or by the beautiful Lulworth Cove. You can even SUP through the Durdle Door arch!

8. Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Who says you can’t SUP in the city? Paddling your way through the endless canals is sure to be an amazing way to discover this magical city. The city has over 100 kilometres of canals in addition to the Amstel River, and plenty of places for rentals. Guided tours are also available if you’re not quite sure about navigating the Amsterdam canals on your own.

7. Eibsee, Bavaria

Although this one is already mentioned on The 11 Best Standup Paddleboarding Spots in Germany, the lakes of Bavaria, especially this one, are not to be missed for lovers of standup paddleboarding. This crystal clear lake by the highest mountain in Germany, Zugspitze. SUP to the many islands on the lake or if you’re feeling adventurous, go exploring the caves around the lake.

Experience the crystal clear waters of Eibsee on a SUP, on of the best destinations in Europe for the sport
A perfect spot to kick off your day on a SUP

6. Zadar Archipelago, Croatia

If you’re looking to go on a long-distance SUP trip in Europe, Croatia‘s Archipelago makes for a great destination. You’ll set off on your adventure off the coast of the city of Zadar. Experience the untouched areas on the water, and visit the island of Molat with its fisherman’s villages.

5. The islands of Greece

Discover Greece from a unique perspective by gliding on its waters. When it comes to Greece, you can be sure that you will not run out of places to SUP. With its 6,000 islands, 60 lakes and 12,000 kilometres of beautiful coastlines, there’s no shortage of spots to discover on the Greek waters. Just imagine seeing the island of Santorini with its white-washed villages while paddling away. Sounds like a dream come true! Get started on creating your first amazing adventure with JoinMyTrip… it’s waiting!

4. Lofoten, Norway

The islands of Lofoten are simply incredible, and viewing its picturesque fishing towns from on the water is truly something else. The Norwegians are known to be a sporty folk, so renting equipment for SUP:ing or any other water sports is not an issue. Make sure you have your wetsuit on or are prepared because a SUP trip in the Arctic’s might be a little different from catching rays on the Greek coast.

3. Lisbon Coast, Portugal

Portugal is said to be the capital of Europe for paddleboarders, so it is no doubt one of the best destinations for this activity. The waters of the coast are also incredibly clear, especially if you set out in the early morning. So, if you’re planning a city getaway to the beautiful capital of Portugal, as we said… the SUP spots are never far away.

2. Causeway Coast, Northern Ireland

Again, are we really in Europe? Well, it hardly matters because the Emerald Isle is one for the books when it comes to standup paddleboarding. The town of Portrush is a great spot for beginning your trip. The Giant’s Causeway with its basalt columns is a sight to see while on the water. Do keep in mind that in the winter the conditions for this aren’t necessarily the greatest… but just wait until summer comes around! Inlets and mighty rock formations, you’ll be swept off your feet (or paddleboard)!

1. Balearic Islands, Spain

Last but not least… Spain. The endless beaches (566 blue flag beaches, to be exact) of this country make it easy to set sail on your paddleboard from basically wherever. The coasts of Mallorca or the Canary Islands are especially beautiful for all SUP lovers. You can also paddleboard around some cities like Sevilla, an awesome way to add some spice to your city adventure.

Speaking of Mallorca… check this out:

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All ready to start SUP:ing? We hope this guide inspired you to pick your travel destination for next summer. Next, it’s time to start planning your trip with some like-minded TravelMates or to plan and lead a trip yourself! We even have all the tips on How to be the Perfect TripLeader. 😉

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