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The Safest Places to travel to in Africa

Do you want to experience the beauty of Africa, but you're unsure where to go? This is the blogpost for you! There are some countries I wouldn't suggest traveling to unless you are a very experienced traveler. I traveled within Africa multiple times, sometimes even alone and these are some of the countries that I recommend you to visit. There are also some things I suggest to keep in mind when traveling just in general to be safe. Always inform yourself about the country you're traveling to in advance and read about common travel scams and how to behave in a certain place. Look after your belongings, have good travel insurance, and know which places are safe or not. I also try to wear culturally appropriate clothes, especially in Muslim countries, to avoid unwanted attention. Always try to be cautious while traveling but most important… ENJOY your trip! :)

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Travel with JoinMyTrip

Travel with JoinMyTrip